Let’s Talk Teething


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    I definitely feel for you. While my children are now 34 and 40, I remember the days of teething. My doctor at the time was very old school…he told me that getting teeth in did not hurt, he likened it to growing hair! And of course that is not painful! But my children suffered. 40 years ago my MIL would rub whiskey on my son’s gums…with my daughter, it was ice cubes. I refused to let my MIL watch my son after I learned about the whiskey but I will say the 20 minutes he wasn’t crying was nice. With our granddaughter we used ice, teething tablets and sometimes chamomile tea. My DIL would make chamomile tea and freeze it. She made popcicles and cute shaped ice cubes. Not sure if it was the tea or the energy spent playing with the ice cubes, but it seemed to help calm her down. And remember there are only 32 teeth to come in, (wisdom teeth not included)! I wish you peace and calm even if it comes in 20 second intervals! You got this! Love you Mama Robin.

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      Love the ice cube ideas! Wow! You have quite the adventure to tell! Love YOU!!!!!!!

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