Survival Foods, or the Mama Diet

imageI’m pretty sure it happens to all moms at some point, suddenly you realize you’ve gone a remarkably long period of time without a solid meal. The other day, I ran out of peanut butter, and consequently was STARVING. Peanut butter is my personal go-to Mama Survival Food, along with heavily creamed coffee. I have learned it is possible to exist for an amazingly long time on peanut butter and graham crackers, (gluten free ones of course). In fact, there’s a strong chance my children will grow up wanting to drink nothing but peanut butter flavored milk shakes. Don’t get me wrong, we are serious foodies in my house. We shop organic and I try to always have a breakfast casserole and some kind of pot of soup or something around the house. This past week my mom brought over some of her truly delicious authentic Italian cooking and we snarfed through that. But sometimes, ‘mom-life’ gets real, the babies seem to be nursing 24/7, (see included pic), I actually don’t have 5 minutes to heat anything up and I need sustenance immediately. That’s when something like peanut butter comes in handy.

Of its many virtues, peanut butter can be consumed quickly, on almost anything, and goes great with coffee. It is also low on the staining chart, always a plus. It doesn’t need refrigerated, and rarely spoils. We just returned from a wonderful visit to my aunt and uncles, (standby for my post on road trips with four month old twins, spoiler alert: It. Was. Crazy.). But back to my food story, among other amazing culinary delights, my aunt introduced me to a wonderful concoction she called the Nursing Mothers Best Friend. Delicious balls made of peanut butter, honey and dried milk and rolled in something crunchy (she used crispy rice cereal). I cannot recommend them highly enough! Delicious poppable protein. Of course, if peanuts are your poison there are many other options for nut and seed butters.

Further bonus points, cats don’t like peanut butter, (at least mine don’t). This helps if you are like me and occasionally forget you were eating, consequently losing snacks around the house. My sister found a remnant I had forgotten the other day, fortunately it was on the kitchen counter and not attracting ants in the bedroom.

In conclusion, given peanut butter and coffee, I can rule the world. Or at least the nursery. What’s your go to mama survival food?

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