Weekend Relaxation, or something like it

img_2276Weekends have always been overly busy for my husband and I, it’s something we’re working on changing now that we are a family of four. Spending time as a family is beyond important, and something we have realized is going to take focused effort. Our weekend started off innocently enough on Saturday, babies slept peacefully until about 9 and woke up happy.img_2267
We had breakfast and coffee (albeit expediently) and I taught a few lessons. To our utter delight some dear friends of ours were giving us their couch that afternoon. Having never had anything to sit on besides old very uncomfortable futons, (one of my students complained one day that the one futon was attacking his rear end and I completely believed him) a real couch is a BIG deal in our house!
img_2278With the arrival of the new couch we decided to rearrange the house a bit, always an interesting task with two fussy babes. (Thankfully my husband isn’t daunted by piles of paperwork). It was an alternating assembly line of feed babies, play with babies, get a little done, bounce babies, but eventually we finished.
We were both a little tired and nerves were getting stretched by this point but we decided to take a walk despite the ominous looking weather. First a hurried diaper change during which I sat and fed one baby while walking my husband through a diaper change with a prefold diaper. (He’s a pro at the pocket kind). Now, I am admittedly spoiled. I hate the prefold diapers. Fold, try to place on wiggling baby. Refold, again attempt to place on wiggling now crying baby. However, in an attempt to be thrifty I was putting off ordering more pocket diapers and using the prefolds someone has graciously given me. But to my delight and immense amusement, halfway through the diaper change my husband vehemently stated, ‘THESE ARE TERRIBLE. ORDER THE OTHER DIAPERS TODAY!’

Diapers changed, mouths fed, we set off on our walk. Not our best decision, shortly put, it was a disaster. The wind was blasting, it was getting colder, babies were screaming and we ended up running home in a whirling mess of flapping blankets and clanking sunshade clips with my husband running a stroller wheel along the grass edge of the sidewalk for extra soothing vibrations in the hopes of reducing the shrieking coming from inside the stroller. We tried carrying them but that was a no go, the wind alone made everything worse.img_2275

We finally made it home, I can only imagine how we looked, but I’m sure we made somebody laugh. Some baby gym playtime and a glass of wine on our lovely new couch later, we retired, full of new resolve in our quest for the peaceful weekend, or something like it.

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