Bath Kneeler and Elbow Rest Organizer Set-Modern by Designs

Bathtime is a crucial part of our evening routine. My children are definitely creatures of habit, and thrive off structure, so bathtime every night is pretty set in our schedule. (Not to mention, they play hard and it’s quite necessary!😉) When I was contacted by Modern by Designs to review their Bath Kneeler and Elbow Rest Organizer, I was pretty excited. We have a hard tile bathroom floor and it’s not overly kind to knees (especially pregnant knees!).

(Also, keep reading because I have a limited number of 25% off discount codes to hand out!)

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Snacktime with Oogie’s Popcorn!

First of all I have a confession: my family and I have been Oogie’s popcorn fans for yearsssss. So, when I got the chance to collab with them I totally took it! And I mean, there are quite a few reasons (besides how undeniably delicious it is) that Oogie’s popcorn has a place in my heart. Created by a musician, and made in the mountains of Colorado, non-GMO, gluten-free and truly packed with flavor, it really is a fantastic product. I love that I don’t have to feel guilty when my kiddos snarf down an entire bowl (which trust me, getting these pics was challenging because I had to shoot fast before they’d eaten it all!). And have you ever popped open a nice fresh bag of delicious looking popcorn, expecting zing and dazzle, and it’s, bland? That absolutely will not happen with Oogie‘s. They truly pack these bags with flavor. Best popcorn ever!


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Christmas Time with Lena’s Yard!

**as you know if you’ve seen my previous post about Lena’s Yard, I fell head over heels in love with the quality of her work and the style and fit of her clothing. She ever so graciously gifted me these beautiful outfits I am featuring today, and I am just as in love with them as I was the ones I bought from her first!**

I will admit to LOVING dressing my babies. As my mama once said, it’s like having actual real life living dolls! Dolls that are picky and hard on their clothing though ha! ūüėČ The holidays are an especially exciting time to get them dressed, and I can NOT wait to take my little ones in their¬†new rompers to our holiday events! Keep reading to see our latest gorgeous pieces from Lena’s Yard!

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Parks Project

Do you all know about the Parks Project organization?! I didn’t until recently, and I am just so excited to have been able to collaborate on a project with them and share with you all! The people behind Parks Project saw a need in the lack of care for our beautiful national parks and took action to change it. And, they are seriously¬†making a difference. (You can read their inspiring story here)! “Each product purchased contributes directly to one of over 30 different conservancies across the USA, providing vital funding for the ongoing care of National Parks.”

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How we kicked the screentime habit in under a week

Let me preface this by saying three things: one, I am not a parenting expert. I simply love to share what has worked (or not!) for my family and hope others may benefit. Secondly, I do not believe that all¬†screen time is all bad all the time. Thirdly, there are seasons of life and I believe some of those seasons will benefit from more screen time than others. I had been having that type of season, twin toddlers, very pregnant, and doing a major home renovation project. When we were in the thick of drywalling and it came down to my kids potentially eating drywall compound or watching more PJ Masks than I would preferably want them to, let me tell you what I chose….(hint…it didn’t involve a call to the poison control hotline).

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How I’m Getting Ready for Family Holiday Photos with Smile Brilliant


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10 Fantastic Toddler Educational Toys for under $20!

As you might know if you’re following along with us, I am a HUGE fan of play based learning and love engaging and power packed educational toys. I have a few requirements for toys: I want them to be sturdy, provide a multiplicity of play/education options, have longevity of use (meaning, the toy grows and evolves with them!) and I also don’t want them to break the bank.

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5 Easy Ways to Go Green while Saving Time and Money

Happy Monday friends! As you know, I’m all about saving where I can AND making our lives easier, and I’m also passionate about taking good care of our planet. I cloth diapered the twins and will cloth diaper our new baby when he comes, and I have also learned¬†a few easy tricks over the years that save us time and money on a daily basis. I’ve included a couple items you can get from Amazon, and a few lifestyle tips that have really helped us.

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A few seasonal toddler Amazon favorites

As you all know, I am an avid supporter of shopping and supporting small businesses and I truly do my best to buy everything I can that way, occasionally I must shop from the larger corporate side of things and when I do my go-to is Amazon. Whenever I find incredible deals on there I love to share them with you all so here is a list of my current seasonal favorite finds, starting off with a shoe party because whoa did my kiddos ever need new shoes!

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Adventures in Homeschooling-Play Learning-Play Dough, Some Outdoors and a Little Music

Hi friends! I am so very excited to share my first post on the beginning of our homeschool journey! I was homeschooled, all the way until I attended college, and I want to give the BIGGEST shoutout to my mama. She truly did an incredible job teaching my sisters and I, and I am grateful to her every day with all my heart. We were well prepared for college, socialized, (small stab there against the “all homeschoolers are not socially adjusted” stigma) and received a truly well rounded and comprehensive education. Being homeschooled was such a powerful and positive factor in shaping my life that I knew from the beginning I wanted to homeschool my children one day. And, to my heart’s delight, that day has come! Harry and Arabella will be three this November (sorry be right back I have to go sob!) and while we haven’t been having “formal” sessions we’ve been utilizing play based learning, well, since they were born! And, I want to talk a minute about play based learning and why I believe in it so firmly.

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